Economics Tutor

Dear Student,

I am Anthony Fok, the Principal Tutor at, and I understand that you are seeking help with your Economics, particularly for your upcoming A-Level examinations.

I acknowledge that Economics can be a challenging subject, with complex content and skills to master. However, I find great joy in teaching it and seeing my students comprehend and excel in the subject. My approach involves generating interest in the subject matter, followed by building competency and ultimately achieving success.

With many Economics tuition options available, I can assure you of my dedication as a tutor. I have a passion for education and take pride in helping students like you gain a better understanding of Economics. I previously taught in schools but decided to take a risk by becoming a full-time tutor to reach more students and help those who may be struggling.

I have faith in you and your potential to succeed. By committing to improvement, I will do my utmost to assist you in reaching your goals.


Anthony Fok