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  • What makes JC Economics Education Centre different from other tuition centres?

    Our Principal Economics tutor, Mr Anthony Fok, always weaves in real-life examples
    and analogies to help the students remember concepts in a simpler and more
    engaging way. He also analyses the test and examination scripts of all students to
    give them personalised feedback on how to improve further.

  • How does the tutor keep in touch with the latest syllabus?
    The tutor has a strong network of professional connections who are teaching in MOE schools and in the National Institute of Education (NIE). Economics tuition lessons are continually updated and aligned with the content and examination format changes.

  • What is the difference between H1 Economics and H2 Economics?
    Topics such as Market Structure and International Trade are not in the H2 syllabus. Students taking H1 Economics sit for a 3-hour paper with two Case Study Questions (CSQs), while those taking H2 Economics sit for two papers of 2 hours and 15 minutes each.

  • Do I need to take O level Economics to score well in A level Economics?
    There are only a few schools that offer O level Economics. Thus, most of the students taking A level Economics do not have any prior knowledge. Everyone will be starting at the same level.

  • Is A level Economics all about memorising facts?
    No. In order to do well for the A Level Economics paper, you need to learn how to apply the key economic concepts to real life economic situations such as the USA subprime crisis.

  • Is Economics required for admissions to local university?
    Economics is not a prerequisite for any course in the local universities. 

  • Is A level Economics similar to O level Social Studies?
    Although both are humanities subjects, Economics at the GCE A Level requires a higher level of thinking and writing.

  • How do I register for the class?
    All registrations can only be done via WhatsApp or SMS.

  • Will I able to catch up if I join late?
    You may wish to purchase the earlier recorded video lessons and notes to catch up with your peers. Please WhatsApp 82513684 to enquire. It is better late than never.

  • How big is the class size?
    Students are allowed the flexibility to attend classes on any dates within the same week itself. Thus, we are unable to confirm the exact number of students in a class. However, we do have the necessary safe distancing measures in place.

  • What happens if my child has more questions for the tutor after class?
    For students who are either shy or are unable to ask questions during class, they are encouraged to ask any questions via WhatsApp directly to the economics tutor. For questions that require face-to-face clarifications such as the drawing of economics diagrams, the tutor will arrange a consultation session instead.